Today's Photo Minute

Using the flash outside (fill flash) works

The Concept:

With one of our Flash 1 classes coming up this evening, I am reminded about how core our value is of the importance of using a flash. We are often talking about the advantages of using fill flash, which we define as using the flash outside even when many photographers do not think it is needed. Not only can the flash fill in the shadows but improve the color and much more. I wanted to show a recent example of fill flash that once again, reminded me how much of a difference it can produce. Check out the photos below:

Flower without fill flash
Flower with fill flash

The Assignment:.

Find different subjects in various outdoor lighting situations. Put your camera in Program mode and set your ISO at 400 and try some photos with and without your flash (either built-in or accessory flash). See if you are not amazed at some of the results that adding a flash outside can provide in your images.