Today's Photo Minute

Using Multiple Exposure mode for creative effects

The Concept:

In Today’s Photo Minute, Brian Osborne introduces us to the feature on many of our cameras to do Multiple Exposures. The video shows where this setting is located and the parameters you might need to choose. In addition, Brian suggests and shows some creative effects that can be produced with this option.

This was 3 Multiple Exposures done about 1.75 mins apart. The moon roughly moves about one of its diameters every 2 mins.

The Assignment:

If your camera has a Multiple Exposure option, get familiar with setting it up and see how many creative applications you can use it for. Beyond the multiple exposure of the moon shown above, check out what one of our students created with multiple exposures on his camera. Jim Howard did two images, one with the beautiful flower scene as is and then the second one while zooming his lens while the shutter was open. That combined for a really awesome effect with the technique that we are sharing.

Multiple Exposure photo done by Jim Howard