Today's Photo Minute

The Opportunity to Practice Photography

The Concept:

In Today’s Photo Minute video, Brian Osborne reminds viewers of how important it is to practice our photography skills in order to grow and get better at this craft. Given the current situation in our world, the month of April with many people staying at home, working from home, etc. may be a great opportunity to do more photography. Whether that be learning more about one’s camera, finding subjects in or around our homes to shoot or even working on post processing skills, April can be a month of great growth as well as a needed stress reliever to all that we are otherwise experiencing.

The Assignment:

Think about how you could use the time you might have in April to do more practice in the area of photography. This could be a numerical goal of images you want to shoot, or a daily desire to just pick up your camera and work with it, or wanting to edit some shots each and every day. Whatever it is, we can be in this together as we both grow and enjoy photography. I will continue to provide teaching, ideas and hopefully motivation to really practice your photography. The the only thing that keeps any of us from becoming better photographers is not practicing. Maybe this month is the ideal opportunity to change that.