Today's Photo Minute

The last Supermoon of the year is coming

The Concept:

The last Supermoon of the year (a full moon that appears slightly larger) is going to be visible either before sunrise tomorrow morning or after about 8:45pm tomorrow evening. The weather is looking clear as well. So many of our students enjoyed shooting it last time, it might be a fun activity to do again. For the camera setting checklist, additional tips and tricks, etc., check out our previous posts on Photographing the Moon and Behind the Camera Photographing the Moon.

The Assignment:

Get out your camera and telephoto lens and have another chance (or maybe a first chance for some) to capture the full moon. Remember that it can be even more dramatic if you do have a few clouds covering it up (see photo below) and/or looking for leaves, branches or maybe something else cool to silhouette in front of the moon (also pictured below).