Today's Photo Minute

Shoot and Share – Wide-angle and Wildlife

The Concept:

Our weekend edition of Today’s Photo Minute is called Shoot and Share because it gives us the opportunity to do just that; get out and do some shooting along specific themes and then share our best results with each other.

The Assignment:

Challenge 1: Wide-angle While much of our emphasis in the past weeks has been on macro and getting in tight on subjects, it might be fun to play with the other end of the focal length spectrum. We define wide-angle as anything less than 24mm for a full frame camera and less than 18mm for a crop sensor camera. So, either go to the low range of your general purpose lens or if you an ultra-wide angle lens, put that on and try some shooting. Hint: Often the best images in the wide-angle range are not ones that have lots of stuff in them but rather, getting close to something in the foreground and seeing the perspective of depth that is created by these lenses. Have fun and get creative.

Challenge 2: Wildlife We have done lots of bird photography and if you decide to do some more for this challenge, that is fine. However, part of the goal of this challenge is looking for other wildlife subjects that might made for a great subject matter. If you would rather include pets and animals for your challenge, that is fine as well. Either way, look for some creatures to photograph and embrace the challenges of wildlife!

When you get your images ready by late this weekend, please share those with the rest of us who are participating as well. If you are on Facebook, please post them as a comment to this particular post. If you are not on Facebook, feel free to email your entries to and I will be glad to post them