Today's Photo Minute

Shoot and Share – Patterns in Nature and White Balance

The Concept:

In the Weekend Edition of Today’s Photo Minute, Brian introduces are two challenges for our Shoot and Share

The Assignment:

Challenge 1: Patterns in Nature For this challenge, the goal is to get us all looking for interesting patterns in nature. This can include animals, trees, sky, water, flowers or about anything else that is natural and has a pattern you think makes for a great photo. Have fun with this one.

Challenge 2: White Balance Since a couple of our lessons had to do with WB this week, I thought this challenge would give us all a chance to get more proficient with changing our WB to ether improve the color of our images in various lighting situations or maybe even to get a really creative colored effect in our shots. Whether that means you just play around with some of the presets such as Cloudy, Shade, Tungsten (makes things blue), etc. or you want to try your hand at changing the Kelvin settings, this is a great chance to learn and grow. For this exercise, be sure to sure like a before and after photo of the same subject and label which white balance you used for each.

When you get your images ready by late this weekend, please share those with the rest of us who are participating as well. If you are on Facebook, please post them as a comment to this particular post. If you are not on Facebook, feel free to email your entries to and I will be glad to post them