Sports Photography 1

January 9, 2020 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville
February 1, 2020 (Saturday) 9am-11:30am SpringHill Suites Ballantyne

Sports Photography presents a variety of challenges to any photographer. In this class, we will teach you the steps involved in photographing both indoor and outdoor sporting events effectively. The needed equipment will also be addressed in the context of the class. We will finally cover specific sports and how to get the best images of soccer, football, baseball and soccer as well as other sports. (Required class for Level 1 Certification)

Flash Photography 2

Sept 12, 2019 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

This class will be a great follow up to the popular Flash Photography 1 class. Here we will dive more into both the lighting and the technical aspects of using the flash. We will review the basics and then quickly explore other flash settings, modes and options. Participants should own their own flash at this point and want to continue to find ways to use flash in their photography as often as possible. (Required class for Level 2 Certification)

Evening and 2 1/2 Hour Digital Photography Classes
We offer over 40 Photography classes

Most of our classes are 2.5 hours long and are held in the evenings at hotels in Charlotte (Pineville, Huntersville, Matthews). We also offer several weekend classes in other major NC cities like Raleigh and Greensboro. Please see below for class descriptions, locations & dates.

Classes are $60

Event Photography 

January 18, 2020 (Saturday) 1pm-3:30pm SpringHill Suites Ballantyne

While photographing weddings may not be your aspiration, many times we find ourselves being asked to photograph events such as family reunions, Bar Mitzvahs, birthday parties, business meetings, church activities, our kids award ceremonies or maybe even that friend’s wedding. Learn both the technical photography skills needed as well as how to prepare for an event to make it both an enjoyable and successful experience. (Required class for Level 1 Certification)

Travel and Landscape Photography

​March 28, 2019 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

This class will cover two related areas. For landscape photography we will discuss the use of a wide-angle perspective, capturing the best lighting, composition and much more. In addition, we will give plenty of hints of how to travel either by car or by plane with all of your photography gear to keep it safe and accessible.



Studio Portraiture: Lighting & Posing 

This class is a great one to learn more about studio type lighting (flashes with umbrellas or studio strobes) as well as many posing ideas. We will have a model so you will not only be able to see the techniques demonstrated but actually take some images yourself. Many of the lighting and posing ideas can be applied outside of a formal studio. (Required class for Level 2 Certification) 

Flash Photography 1 

Jan. 18, 2020 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

The Flash Photography class is often one of the most popular classes. For many photographers, nothing is harder than knowing the how and why of using a flash for their photography. In this workshop, learn how to set and adjust your flash for the best exposures as well as how to use it creatively for professional quality lighting in your images. This class is open to all levels of photographers with any brand of camera. You do not have to have an external flash unit but will definitely want one after this class.  (Required class for Level 1 Certification)

Nikon D500/D7200 Master Class

Aug 23, 2018 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

It's important to know your camera and how it works! We are offering this brand new class format which will cover specifically these camera models. Unlike any other class, we will address each menu item, function, feature, etc. as well as the specific accessories and tricks applicable to this camera model. This class is not a beginning level class and should be taken by a student who has completed DSLR Bootcamp.  

Tabletop Photography - Food & Products

Nov 14, 2019 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

Tabletop photography allows photographers to take an economical lighting setup and shoot a variety of subjects like: products, still-life, food, textiles, plants, jewelry and macro images all in the comfort of your own home. In addition, working with the lighting in tabletop photography helps photographers gain new understanding of lighting in terms of contrast, direction, quality and exposure. The class will cover not only what simple equipment is needed but give some great demonstrations on how to have lots of fun while creating excellent results.

Capturing Great Holiday Memories

Nov 21, 2018 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm  Best Western Pineville

How do I shoot good Christmas light pictures? How about the kids in front of the Christmas tree?  What is the best way to capture family candids and group images during celebrations?  How do I work under the difficult lighting conditions of holiday performances, etc.?  All of these questions and more will be covered in this class.  Participants will also see how the 8 main camera settings we teach can be applied to a variety of real-life situations.

Print Sizing & Photo Book Design

Nov. 8, 2018 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville 

This class will help answer your questions about printing your images (aspect ratio, resolution, paper types, etc.) as well as teach you how to apply some basic design concepts in creating a photo book or album for business or for pleasure.  This class is open to all levels of photographers with any brand of camera.

Composition 1

January 30, 2020 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

Once a photographer has the technical components of capturing images, it then becomes about composition. How do you choose the right angle, perspective, place of the subject in the frame, time of day, etc. in order to not just create good pictures but great images. This class will focus solely on the aesthetic side of photography and help you to see the right shot by learning how we view and react to photos that we see. Each participant is encouraged to bring 2-3 images on a USB drive that they would like to share with the class for discussion in the second part of the class. (Required class for Level 1 Certification)

DSLR Video & Time-lapse Basics

Feb 16, 2016 (Tuesday) – 7pm-9:30pm Courtyard Marriott, Huntersville

Video is an option on many DSLR cameras now days and has been totally embraced by the professional video world. In this class, we will cover the basics of recording video, getting the best quality out of your video clips, how to think in terms of capturing real-time motion and begin to give you the ability to download this to your computer and edit it. We will also learn how to shoot time-lapse images and put them together in a useable format. 

Wedding Photography – Extended Session ($80 Cost)

February 29, 2020 (Saturday) 9am-12:30am SpringHill Suites Ballantyne

This class will walk you through all the parts of a wedding day and help you to know what is required to capture this type of event. Our team does a lot of weddings each year and from this, we will teach you what shots are must haves, how to get them and what extra precautions you should take to make sure that everyone is happy. This applies to photographers who are doing it professionally or just for the experience.  (Required class for Level 1 Certification) 

Panoramas, Orbs and Collages

Aug 8, 2017– 7pm-9:30pm Country Inn & Suites, Huntersville


This class will start with all the camera techniques needed to capture multiple images and to stitch them together with photo editing software into dynamic panoramic images and prints.  We will also then show how Photoshop Elements can be used to make collages as well as merge multiple images together.  Expand your horizons with these unique photography and editing options.

Wireless Flash

Oct 10, 2019 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

For those of you who use either Nikon or Canon equipment, you will want to learn more about how wireless flash control can open up a whole world of opportunities in portrait, interior and product photography. This class will teach you how to use your camera and flash to do wireless flash photography and inspire you to find ways to expand the types of photography that you are able to do. (Required class for Level 3 Certification)

Fireworks & Light Painting

June 13, 2019 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

June 25, 2019 (Tuesday)- 7pm-9:30pm North Charlotte - Comfort Suites Northlake

This class will cover the gear, methods and techniques for successful fireworks photography and “painting” with light using long time exposures in a dark setting. The workshop will also cover camera settings and different ways to make composite firework images using software. In addition, students will have a chance to use their cameras and tripod with hands-on experimentation with light painting using the techniques learned. 

​Food Photography
This class is all about how to take stunning images of food. From a bowl of fruit to dinner entrées & cakes, we will cover the basics of food photography. We’ll also talk about arrangements, plating, lighting, angles, equipment & more. This class will be fun and delicious!

File Management & Online Sharing  

Dec 12, 2019 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

This class will be all out learning a system for file management so you know where your files are and how to access them. Then we will walk through the most popular ways to share your images. It's all about organizing, storing and sharing our pictures.

Digital B&W Shooting& Editing

July 30, 2019 (Tuesday)- 7pm-9:30pm North Charlotte - Comfort Suites Northlake​

This class will help you to create better B/W images from beginning to end. Learn what type of photographs lends themselves to B/W and how to expose correctly for optimal results. Then we will use Photoshop Elements, or similar software, to edit photos effectively. Learn how to determine contrast, exposure and even how to control each color's reproduction into a full tonal range. Participants are welcome to bring some color images to work with in the class as well as the sample images we will provided. 

Intermediate Digital Photography

Our Intermediate Digital Photography class is offered as the afternoon session of our Digital Photography Bootcamps on Saturdays.  This allows for more hands-on time and also to repeat the morning session if one wants too.  To register for the afternoon portion at a reduced price of $89 you can use the coupon code "afternoononly" 

Intermediate Digital Photography is the companion class to Basic DSLR. We will review the basics and then explore how to get the most out of your camera (DSLR or Mirrrorless) in regards to the focusing options as well as how to judge and get the correct exposure in all of your images using the histogram.  We will also cover lenses, flashes, and other important accessories that you might want to plan for your camera system. (Required class for Level 1 Certification)


April 25, 2019 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

This class will cover methods, techniques, and equipment for capturing night time views of the sky and astronomical objects including the moon, planets, stars, the Milky Way, and meteor showers. Instructors will share settings used with a DSLR camera and teach students how to get great images with a tripod and lenses commonly owned by most DSLR photographers. Instruction will also include an editing workflow demonstration on how to optimize image quality for celestial objects.

Wildlife Photography

April 9, 2019 (Tuesday) – 7pm-9:30pm North Charlotte  - Comfort Suites Northlake

The wildlife class will cover the many aspects of capturing great images of animals both in zoos, etc. and in the wild.  This type of photography presents a range of challenges from having the correct gear and technical settings to carefully observing a species specific behavior to raise the chances of a successful photographic experience.  Using real-life examples we will teach you how to enjoy this specific type of photography and feel more confident in your techniques.  A Killer Checklist of camera settings will be included with this class.

Thinking Like a Pro

August 29, 2019 (Thursday) – 7pm-9:30pm  Best Western, Pineville

For the professional photographer, being able to properly assess a shooting situation and make the right decisions about all the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography, is the key to success. This great class will use real-life situations to help you learn how to think the right things and execute them under pressure. We will look at 4 case-studies covering a variety of photographic areas. Whether your aspirations are for professional photography or not, this class will help you to learn how to make sure you are ready to get that important shot.  (Required class for Level 3 Certification)

Macro Photography

February 13, 2020 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

The Macro Photography class will deal exclusively with the equipment, challenges and rewards of close-up photography. Come and be inspired to explore macro photography whether with products, still life's, flowers, etc. This class will also be a very helpful place to understand Depth of Field more fully and how this applies to both macro and general photography.  (Required class for Level 2 Certification)

Check back for the future scheduling of these classes:

Pet Photography

While photographing pets – care and timing are essential. Come and learn from Jeff Owen all about posing, lighting and photographing animals. This class might include a live demonstration if both the weather and arrangements allow but either way, you will gain a great amount of knowledge and skill from what you learn.Type your paragraph here.

​iPhone Photography (NEW Class)

January 23, 2020 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

Guest Instructor, Erdal Caba will be teaching this brand new class on iPhone Photography.  He has won several photography competitions in South Carolina using his iPhone.

The session starts with how to make the most of your iPhone camera by covering features, tips, tricks and their applications. This includes using third party camera apps that will allow you to utilize features that are similar to those on newer iPhone models.  You can also use these camera apps to give you tools at your disposal you never imagined.  The workshop will conclude with editing techniques using your iPhone as well as available third party iPhone editing apps to make your photos stand out.  Practical in class exercises will be given to enhance learning.  
This workshop is for those with any model iPhone.


Basic Digital Photography 

Feb. 20, 2020 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

Whether you have a brand new interchangeable lens camera (mirrorless or DSLR) or have had one for a while, this class will help you learn the controls that are common to all brands of these popular cameras. You will also learn more about general photography as it applies to aperture, shutter speed, ISO and flash use as well as composition. We will have students do some hands-on exercises in class so that all of the concepts become familiar to everyone. Also consider taking Digital Photography Bootcamp which is both the Basic and Intermediate Digital Photography classes in an all day format. Bootcamp schedules can be found on the All Day Workshops page. (Required class for Level 1 Certification)


Post Processing & Image Editing Critique

August 15, 2019  (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

This relatively new class will give participants the chance to show get feedback from the instructor and class members about how they did their particular editing to an image and how they might improve their workflow.  Students will be asked to submit two different images before the class (both the original and edited versions).  These images will make up the class discussion as the instructor guides the critique on how the image editing was handled.  Editing done in either Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CC or Lightroom. 

(Required class for Level 3 Certification)

Intermediate Adobe Photoshop Elements/CC for Photographers



This class is one that many of you have expressed interest in. We will dive deeper into popular software programs like Photoshop Elements and CS to explore the various tools, techniques and creative options available to photographers. We will also talk about the batch processing of images.

It is recommended that students first complete Next Level: Part 1 and Part 2 before taking this class as there is where we cover the general workflow, basic tools and options in the software. This is an Intermediate class for those who are relatively familiar with the layout of these programs. 

Super Telephoto Techniques for Sport and Wildlife Photography

 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

Using lenses above 300mm can present a variety of challenges both in stability and focusing.  In this class, we will talk about equipment options such as support, protection and transportation.  Then we will dive into advanced autofocus techniques to gain a better understanding of how to get the most out of your camera system in wildlife and sports situations.  Finally, we will cover capturing birds in flight and fill flash for wildlife and birds.

Nikon D500 Master Class

Feb. 9, 2017  (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm  Holiday Inn Express, Pineville

It's important to know your camera and how it works! We are offering this brand new class format which will cover specifically these camera models. Unlike any other class, we will address each menu item, function, feature, etc. as well as the specific accessories and tricks applicable to this camera model. This class is not a beginning level class and should be taken by a student who has completed DSLR Bootcamp.  

The Business of Photography

February 29, 2020 (Saturday) 2pm-4:30pm SpringHill Suites Ballantyne

Maybe you are aspiring to become a professional photographer or maybe you just are wondering what would be involved in making some money with your camera. Either way, this workshop is for you. The class will cover the ways to generate income through photography, the steps in setting up a business and principles for knowing how to price and market your work.  (Required class for Level 3 Certification)

Portfolio Review Seminar

This class will feature a different format than the other classes. This time will provide the opportunity for each photographer to bring 3 of their best images to be critiqued by other participants. The experience will help you look more carefully at your work and improve on your eye for great images. It will be a fun experience as we learn together about what makes a dynamic photograph.  (Required class for Level 3 Certification)

​​Photography Equipment: What you need to know

Jun 15, 2017 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville (frmr Holiday Inn)

This new class will focus on all aspects of photography equipment including how to care for it, pack it, inventory what you have and more.  We will also discuss, new vs. used in addition to rental.  There will be suggestions for what gear combinations you might take for various types of travel and photography.  Find out all the particulars that are so easily missed in the instruction manuals for accessory items.

Available Light, Low Light and No Light Photography

January 16, 2020 (Tuesday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

While using the flash is preferable, there are many types of photography that require working with only the available light that is present.  Situations such as stage lighting, children’s programs, night sports, event photography, city photography, etc. are challenging areas of photography.  This class will address all of the settings, techniques and tricks to getting great images in less than ideal lighting conditions. (Required class for Level 2 Certification)    

The Business of Photography – Part 2

In the Business 1 class we introduced students to the possibilities of making money with their photography, what the options were and some basic starting points for a business.  In this second class, we will assume that those who are attending are becoming more serious about photography as a business at some level.  With this in mind, we will spend more time on the logistics of a successful business and developing a plan for growth, etc.  There will be a part of the class also dedicated to an open discussion or question and answer time specifically related to marketing and pricing issues.

Newborn and Family Portraiture

This NEW class is a great one to learn more about studio type lighting (flashes with umbrellas or studio strobes) as well as many posing ideas.  We will have a newborn session as well as do some family portraiture so you will be able to see the techniques demonstrated during an actual shoot.   Many of the lighting and posing ideas can be applied outside of a formal studio.

The M Mode – Manual Mode Photography

While many photographic situations can be most effectively captured in some of the automatic and semi-program modes on our cameras, there are times where using the M mode is the best route for consistent results. However, working in manual mode requires a great understanding of the exposure triangle as well as a systematic approach to photographic priorities. This class will help to not only explain what M mode is and what situations are best suited to it, but also give students easier ways to approach using it in real-life. Participants should have already completed at least DSLR Bootcamp (Basic & Intermediate DSLR) prior to registering for this class.     (Required class for Level 2 Certification)

Sports Photography 2

Dec 5, 2019 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville
February 1, 2020 (Saturday) 1pm-3:30pm SpringHill Suites Ballantyne

Sports photography is not only varied but difficult sometimes to get great shots. In this second level class we teach the finer techniques of focusing and working in low light conditions. Over 8 popular sports will be addressed in detail concerning the types of image location to shoot from and strategies for each one with diagrams of how to do this. (Required class for Level 2 Certification)

Advanced Lightroom Class

Feb. 6, 2018 (Tuesday) – 7pm-9:30pm Courtyard Marriott, Huntersville

After reviewing the workflow and processing steps we taught in our all-day workshop, this class will pick up from that one left off.  We will spend more time on working with collections, the slideshow module, creating presets and more.  There will also be a section on how to copy or export a catalog and photo files from one drive or machine to another.  This is also a good forum to ask specific questions about areas of this popular software that we may not have discussed in detail.


Composition 2

Oct 17, 2019 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

Composition 2 will build on the foundation of our first composition class encouraging participants to create great images that are dynamic and interesting.  Using visual examples to display different ways to find the best compositional elements in a scene will be covered.  Then the discussion will be about what elements create images with impact including center of interest, technical excellence, subject matter and creativity.  Using this criteria, we will seek to help participants choose their very best images by considering these aspects of that makes an image great.

(Required class for Level 2 Certification)

Outdoor Portraiture

Oct 13, 2019 (Sunday) – 4:30 - 6:30pm Ballantyne, Charlotte 


This class will be a hands-on instructional time where you will learn how to work with lighting conditions outside and how to do some easy poses in order to create excellent outdoor portraits of kids and adults alike. We will have a model for actual shooting along with instruction while we at outside. (Required class for Level 2 Certification)

Architecture Photography

February 27, 2020 (Thursday) - 7pm-9:30pm Best Western Pineville

This class is all about architecture. From rooms to buildings, interiors & exteriors - we’ll cover the basics of photographing all of these. We will discuss lighting, angles, equipment & more. We will also show you some computer editing skills to correct distortion in your images of buildings, etc.