Individual Private Instruction

The most unique training venue The Photo Classroom offers is individual instruction. We can offer you one-on-one training, concentrating on your specific areas of need. We can help you learn how to best edit your images with your computer software, show you how your camera works or teach you more about general photography; all on an individual basis. We can even accompany you on a photographic job as your assistant to help out with the photography and offer hands-on, in the field training.

The rate for Individual Private Instruction is $150 per hour

Image Critique/Photo Review - New Service

One of the best ways to learn is to have someone with both creative and technical expertise go through some of your images to provide feedback and suggestions.   Some of students have really found this to be a great way to not only become better as a photographer but also to have assistance in choosing their favorite images for personal use, entering contests, etc.  We have developed a separate pricing structure that allows for this experience to be accessible to a greater number of our students.

The rate for Image Critique done in a separate setting and timeframe from one of our classes (meeting at a Panera Bread, etc. similar to Individual instruction) is $100 per hour

The rate for Image Critique meeting at the hotel location of one of our evening classes (Concord, Huntersville or Pineville) an hour or so before the start of the class (i.e. 5:30-6:30pm on a Thursday in Pineville) is $60 per hour.

For more information or to setup a session, please email ,  call 704-905-4729 or use the contact us form.

What are people saying about the value of Individual Instruction:

"I am Managing Partner of a CPA firm.  I wanted to learn digital photography but had little time available to attend classes.  Having one-on-one sessions with Brian Osborne was the answer.  In the two sessions I had with him, I learned more than I could imagine.  Brian is not only a good photographer, but a good teacher.  For the first time, it all seemed to make sense." - Mickey

"The value of one on one instruction is a given; time efficient and productive if you have the right instructor. Brian's knowledge, friendliness and style of teaching made for very fun and valuable lessons; and of course all your questions will be answered. Whatever your needs are, whether it is a new topic or as a refresher, having Brian's individual attention will surely elevate your skills and knowledge in a very relaxed setting." - Dr. Ed Shapiro