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We have created checklists for all of our Level 1 classes and many of the others that provide simple ways to know the settings, rules and concepts that make it easier to create better images when in the field.  This includes our very popular, Killer Checklist with the 8 camera settings that have to be in place for any photograph to turn out well.  Each card is laminated and double-sided with useful bullet points.  In addition we have packaged all of the Level 1 class checklists (Killer Checklist, Composition, Flash, Sports, etc.) together with a free case that will not only hold all of the cards in a set but also additional cards or items of your own.  This provides quick reference and easily fits into most camera bags.

Photography Checklist Pack includes:
- Killer Checklist
- Composition Checklist
- Sports Checklist
- Flash Checklist
- Exposure and WB Checklist
- Computer Editing Checklist
- Plastic expandable case
Cost: $25.00 (sales tax and shipping will be applied at checkout)

Any of the individual checklists listed above can be purchased separately for $5 a piece.  Additional checklists including, Panorama Checklist, Depth of Field Checklist, Fill-in Killer Checklist and Equipment Inventory and Packing Checklist can be purchased as well.

Checklist - Level 1 Classes


Complete set with holder $25.00 USD
Killer Checklist $5.00 USD
Composition Checklist $5.00 USD
Sports Checklist $5.00 USD
Flash Checklist $5.00 USD
Exposure and WB Checklist $5.00 USD
Computer Editing Checklist $5.00 USD

Equipment For Sale

We sell equipment that we obtain that is for sale or extra inventory from our group or from our clients.  If you have equipment that you want to sell, we can do that here and will pay you the difference after our reasonable commission. Here is the latest items that are for sale.  Contact us if you are interested. Any purchase made outside of the Charlotte area will require pickup or shipping (at buyer’s expense).


Nikon D3200 camera body with 18-55mm lens in box excellent condition $275

​​Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 VR1 lens in very good condition with hood $950

Nikon 35mm 1.8 AFS lens in new condition  $150

Nikon 18-105mm lens in very good condition with hood   $150

Quantaray (Sigma) 50mm Macro 2.8 lens in good condition  $175


​​Think Tank Photo

​​​Think Tank Photo Retrospective 5 Shoulder Bag   $100

Think Tank Photo Mirrorless Mover 30i   $50


Manfrotto 190L Tripod with 804RC2 head   $200  SOLD

Interfit Background Stand Kit  Two light stands and crossbar   $100

​​ . . and more 

Contact for more information.

All sales subject to sales tax of 7.25% 

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Equipment for Rent 

We rent our entire line of Nikon equipment as well as studio and lighting equipment for 3 day and 1 week periods of time.  This provides a great way to try out gear before you buy it or to use it for a special shoot without having to make the investment in a purchase.  You can download our Equipment Rental Pricing as well as our Rental Contract.  Call 704-905-4729 or email to check on the availability of the equipment for the dates you need it.