Today's Photo Minute

Bring on the butterflies

The Concept:

Photographing butterflies this summer might make a great addition to the bird, hummingbird and macro photography that many of us have already been enjoying. A couple weeks ago I was reading an article that 300 million butterflies will be coming through NC this summer. I thought that was interesting but then happened to read the comments where a guy posted that he grew and sold plants that butterflies were attracted too. I checked out his website and found that the owner, Braedon Shelton is located here in Charlotte and his organization is Bring Back the Butterflies Cooperative. Thinking it would be nice to suppport another small business locally, I emailed him and was surprised to get a very rapid response with some suggestions of flowers and how many to get customized for me (I had told him I was a photographer so interested in colorful flowers that would also attract butterflies as possible subjects). His plan was to sell the plants at the Uptown Farmer’s Market but with the shutdown, he was taking orders that you could pick up at his home. Then he offered to deliver my order anywhere in Mecklenburg County for $3. I went ahead, placed an order for some Mexican sunflowers, two different varieties of milkweed and the really interesting looking, passion vine. I emailed him that I had placed my order but would like it delivered and low and behold, he dropped them all of that very evening. Here is a photo of Braedon delivering my order.

If you know me, I got more excited about all the great customer service I had received from him than even having the plants to start to work with. Now all I have to do is keep them growing and wait until I have even more things to photograph in my backyard.

The Assignment:

Consider adding butterflies to your summer photographic subject plan right at your home. We will do another post with some butterfly photography tips when the season gets going a little more. Also, consider supporting a great cause (butterflies are important as I learned on Bring Back the Butterflies website) and an excelllent local small business who has been negatively affected by the virus shutdown. Bring on the butterflies! I am ready for them.