All-Day Photography Workshops

The all-day workshops are meant to provide photographers of all levels a foundational understanding of digital photography. See below for class descriptions and dates. 

Pricing & Details:  $149  includes lunch

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Next Level: Part 1 (Computer Editing) - $149 (inc. lunch)

January 25, 2020 (Saturday)–9:00am-4:30pm - Best Western Plus Pineville 

This workshop is designed to give photographers a complete understanding of digital photography beyond the basics. It is a hands-on workshop so bring your camera. The morning session will cover the capturing of images correctly on a DSLR. The afternoon session will be image editing on the computer. You are encouraged to bring a laptop computer so you can work along with us. However, we will also have the images on a projection screen so that you can see each step involved.

In this workshop you will learn: 
· How to capture better digital exposures including lighting techniques and really understanding the histogram
· How to control white balance (color)
· The differences between RAW and JPEG file formats
· Why consistency is so important
· How to use an image editing software to obtain the best image adjustment in the least period of time
· How to best sharpen your images
· To develop your own workflow

Digital Photography Bootcamp - $149 (includes lunch) 

This Saturday all-day workshop is one of our most popular classes. It combines the 

exact content of the Basic & Intermediate DSLR photography classes in one day with

lunch and actual photography practice times. Be sure to bring your cameras! 

Basic Digital Photography in the Morning Session -
Whether you have a brand new interchangeable lens camera (mirrorless or DSLR) or have had one for a while, this class will help you learn the controls that are common to all brands of these popular cameras. You will also learn more about general photography as it applies to aperture, shutter speed, ISO and flash use as well as composition.   ​

Intermediate Digital Photography in the Afternoon -
Intermediate Digital Photography is the companion class to Basic Digital Photography. We will explore the autofocus modes on our cameras, how to get proper exposure with the histogram and what white balance does.  Finally, we will talk about lenses, flashes and other important accessories that you might want to plan for your camera system.

Next Level: Part 3 - $149 (includes lunch)

Dec 14, 2019 (Saturday)–9:00am-4:30pm - 
Best Western Plus Pineville  (9825 Leitner Dr., Pineville, NC 28134)

In Digital Photography Bootcamp, we took photographers of all levels and gave them a solid foundation with their cameras. In this workshop, Next Level: Part 3, we will help you to understand more of your camera’s functions and provide exercises for you to really know how to create the images you want, based on applying the techniques you learn. This class is meant to be taken after DSLR Boot Camp and Next Level: Part 1 have been completed. 

Morning Session -
Now that you are out of Green Mode and becoming more familiar with your camera, we will explore camera functions we have not mentioned like: bracketing, flash compensation, RAW, metering modes, advanced focusing systems and more. Before lunch, we will have hands-on exercises that will help you to use these functions and practice them. Of course we will review the basics as well but Next Level: Part 3 is designed primarily for those who have taken our Boot Camp 1 or the Basic and Intermediate DSLR classes.

Afternoon Session -
After lunch, we will talk in more detail about camera equipment we have not covered like tripods, traveling with your gear and more. We will also discuss the perspective created with various focal length lenses. Remember the Killer Checklist? We will help you to fill these settings out for common situations like portraits, sports, landscapes, flash pictures, etc. Finally, we will end the afternoon with another hands-on time where you will be able to shoot different compositions, focusing drills, fill flash exercise and practice changing your exposure compensation.

South Charlotte - Spring Hill Suites, Ballantyne

December 7, 2019
January 4, 2020
January 11, 2020
January 25, 2020
February 22, 2020

​​​​​Intermediate Studio Portraiture Hands-on Workshop

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This new class is limited to only 8 participants to provide a hands-on opportunity to interact and photograph our two models for the entire morning session of the workshop.  This will allow a great practice time for everybody to work on posing and lighting in the studio.  Lunch will be provided and then we will spend a couple hours in the afternoon culling and editing our images to provide a complete workflow experience from beginning to end.
The class will be held at our studio in Matthews and take place from 9am-3pm.  Lunch is provided.  It is suggested that participants have already attended our Outdoor or Studio Portrait class.

Adobe Lightroom Workshop 

July 27, 2019 (Saturday) - 9:00am-4:30pm  Springhill Suites - Ballantyne

This hands-on class will be a great introduction and chance to get into the proper and efficient use of Adobe’s Lightroom software. We will walk you through the 7 modules that make up this package and how to create a basic editing workflow. Many other tools and features will be covered like the gradient tool, adjustment brush, presets, collections, using a vignette and more.  Because this is an all-day class, there will be plenty of instruction on all the components of this software but also time to practice what you are learning.  Sample images will be provided on a USB drive for use in the class and participants are encouraged to bring their laptop computers. It is recommended that participants have taken Next Level: Part 1 to get familiar with photo editing concepts and workflow before attending this class. 

Next Level: Part 2 (Computer Editing)​ - $149 (inc. lunch)

February 15, 2020 (Saturday)–9:00am-4:30pm - Best Western Plus Pineville 

This workshop will expand both your shooting skills and help you get the

most out of your computer image processing.

In this workshop you will learn:
· Advanced camera techniques for consistent exposure and color
· How the new features on today’s latest cameras can make your photography
better and easier
· Retouching skills on the computer
· Intermediate color and exposure correction techniques for image processing
· Working in layers
· Noise reduction, sharpening, B/W conversion and general workflow tricks
· Learn how to think like a professional when needing to make decisions on the spot.